Who's behind MarketingMotor?

Pete Bowen owns MarketingMotor. He built it in 2011 with Peter Carruthers. The two Petes had been training a group of about a thousand small business owners to use the internet to improve their businesses. When it came to Google Adwords they all bumped into the same three problems:

  1. The concepts were hard. Things like how you got Google to show a particular advert. How the combination of quality score, bid and position influenced what you paid every month. Which keywords were a good bet and which would waste money.
  2. Google's interfaces are complex.
  3. Their websites were never designed for lead generation. They talked about who the business was not what they sold. The websites were never intended satisfy Google or to convert visitors into sales leads.

They wondered if a paint-by-numbers approach could work. A process that would get the vital things right and stop our clients making the same mistakes.

Pete Bowen is geek. To him every problem looks like an excuse to write a computer program. So he wrote one. It was clunky but it proved the concept: a small business owner who is not an Adwords expert can follow a step-by-step process and end up with a Google Adwords campaign and website that generated enough sales leads to make it worth doing.

MarketingMotor is that original program much evolved.

60 000 hours of Adwords experience included free with every account.

  • You take delivery of a dynamite lead generation engine

    Oct 2017

    Your business changes forever as you get a steady stream of new sales leads for your business.

  • 300 000th sales lead delivered to a small business

    December 2013

  • 200 000th sales lead delivered to a small business

    September 2012

  • 100 000th sales lead delivered to a small business

    October 2011

  • The SalesMotor Partnership opens

    September 2011

    The SalesMotor Partnership gives agencies access to the SalesMotor suite of tools to generate leads on behalf of their clients.

  • SalesMotor opens

    April 2011

    SalesMotor provides a full service for those who don't have the time or inclination to build and manage their own Google Advertising campaigns.

  • MarketingMotor opens

    February 2011

    Hundreds of small business owners follow a paint-by-numbers approach to achieve unparalled results advertising their business on Google.

  • GlobalWarriors Training

    March 2010

    Peter Carruthers founds GlobalWarriors, an online training community with the focus on helping small business owners take their business online. The training includes using Google Adwords to find new customers. Pete Bowen builds the first online version of his campaign building tool and bundles it as part of the community.

  • Google squishes ClientFishing

    November 2009

    Google's automated purge of the Adwords system accidentally bans 65 of our clients from advertising. Google scrambles to reverse the decision but takes more than a month to undo their mistake. We lose a large chunk of our income and vow never to trust Google again.

  • Client Fishing opens

    May 2009

    Our first foray into building and running Adwords campaigns for clients. Pete Bowen uses FileMaker to write a campaign building tool to speed up the work.

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