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I'm looking for dinner plates, champagne glasses, forks and knifes for my business and would like the prices for each or when buying in bulk.
Hi! i need a quotation of 6x plastic chairs, 1x plastic table, 1x three plate gas stove complete with 9kg cylinder, 2x gazebo shades, 1x sink, 1x small plastic bowl, 6x plates, 4x dish cloth.
I need to buy pizza restaurant equipment in the near future.Could you help with brochure or something.
Looking for an industrial gas stove. Would like 6 to 8 burners gas and also oven must be gas. Looking for availability and prices.
I am looking for prices on siphons, vacuum packer, induction pans, pressure cooker, sous vide machine, ovens, gas stove with flat top, grill, stand mixers, copper pots, smoking gun, centrifuge and fridges and freezers.
Looking for a industrial gas stove 8 burners and oven for a safari business. If you can send pictures of what is available and prices. Thanks
I am looking for a pressure fryer.
Am trying to the best deals on catering equipment. I need everything from round tables to clothes.
Kindly quote me on the following:
Artic white Noritake Round  dinner plates          X12
Artic white Noritake  big side plates   X12
Artic white Noritake small side plates X12
Artic white Noritake pudding bowls   X16
MaxWil1 and Williams  dinner plates    round      X80
Stainless steel  knifes(eat)          X90
Stainless steel Forks(eat)           X60
Stainless steel dishing up spoons     X12
I am opening a new restaurant and I would like to have dish washer, gas stove, flat top griller, plates, spoons, glass,and other small items.
We are looking for a baking oven that can at least bake whole 12,5 flour bag.
Wish to set up fast food outlet selling braai chicken, kebabs, burgers etc. Need list of what products needed as well as extraction equipment.
Please quote on: double sink, 8 chicken Rotisserie, Griller, spaza fryer, 9 slice toaster.
Looking for best prices on catering equipment. Would like to start a small business.
I'm looking for small kettles for my guest rooms.
As well as crockery and cutlery.
I need a used Macadamas 240 Rotary Oven.
We are looking at purchasing a biscuit tunnel for baking bulk biscuits. Can you assist? Can you set the temperature and speed of tunnel? How many biscuits can be made in 1 hour (average)? Do you have different models from entry level to advanced?
Please advise if you carry chair dolly's and catering table trolleys.
Am looking for a bread baking oven ranging from 100-600 loaves.
Tables and chairs, gas grills and deep fryers, plates and cutlery, glasses, warmers, scales, cash registers etc. please quote.

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