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CNC routing sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the CNC routing sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

I am looking for wooden cut out letters to make a gift for my boyfriend. I want to stick the letters to make up our names on the border of the frame.
I need information on cutting 32mm plywood sheets using a CNC router. What is the thickness of the router? Is a DWG file good enough? How is the price determined? etc.
I am looking for a CNC router +-1500x3000x200 please give me details and price, delivered to [redacted].
We require specialized wood work done on 15 separate custom circular boards. Each board will be 450mm in diameter and 30mm thickness.
Wooden alphabet letters to spell the name [redacted]. Decorated signs and holders.
I would like to enquire about the pricing of wooden letters, size would be about 5cm x 3cm.
I'm desperately looking for some one who can carve or engrave a family crest on wood or steel.
can you provide me with this service?
Looking for quote on alphabetical letters 100mm square cut out of 3mm supawood, will supply wood to size.
Quantity 1000 units.
I have a Haas SR100 CNC router and I am looking for contract work.
We are mainly in the art field, but my machine is underutilized, so I would like to get a contract to manufacture components
I'm looking to cut out small (50mm x 50mm max)shapes of simple detail. I can email a picture and more detail if needed. Thanks for the service.
Please send us your plastic molds and prices if you can, as soon as possible.
I have a company called [redacted]. We do CNC cutting and would like to obtain more business. We do cutting for the sign industry as well as for the Arts and Crafts industry. We are located in [redacted].
Need CNC routing service in [redacted] area.
Looking to manufacture entrance doors. Can the CNC cut animal prints,tree prints etc? How much for a small machine?
I make 10 cm tiles for kids. Wanting to have mould to pour plaster into. Tiles have detail in.
Hi, my main concern,I want to know how to fix the CNC machine in and out. I am currently am doing a course in [redacted].
I would like to enquire if you do alphabet letters, the cost and if any suppliers in [redacted]?
We want to start a craft workshop with wooden items: hearts, crosses, trays etc. which can be painted.
Am looking for moulds to manufacture concrete paving bricks and pots.
I am interested in having a mould made - I am not sure to what scale you work to. The mould I require is for the food industry and is the size of a milk jug and sugar bowl.
I am also interested in you CNC cutting - do you charge per hour for cutting? How much is it.

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