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Swimming pool repair sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the swimming pool repair sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

The kreepy does not suck hard enough and i think there is sand in the filters? i tried to back wash but with no sucking power?
Pool pump has seized and need to check for any leaks in the pool
Swimmingpool LED lights - thin ones. Not conventional round ones.
Pool Relining
400 - Shallow end
1200 - Deep end
Got a marbelite pool appr 6x4m. Got 2 cracks that cause leaking of water to below the wier. The pool is approximately 20 yrs old. need to repair the pool and also look at adding a chlorinator.
Chip old marblite surface, treat are and re-marblite pool in sky blue pool plaster and clean mosaic tiles
my pool was fibre glassed by pool renovating services 20 years ago this month. The fibre glass is still in very good order. The pool is stained at the deep end, probably from leaves. Must I get the pool acid cleaned and will this put the fibre glass at risk!
I have a faulty motor from an air-blower for a jacuzzi that I need repaired. I suspect it's either a bearing or a brush problem as the windings seem fine. The motor runs very roughly for a short time & then appers to shut down due to thermal protection.
I have water leaking next to the pool pump.
How can you assist?
I would like to know what pool resurfacing/painting entails and how much it would cost.
Existing Pool Paving needs to be replaced.
Fibre glass swimming pool has 2 cracks, and is leaking.
Pump Replacement
I need to fireglass my splash pool. It needs to be emptied out and might have a few cracks that need repair. Your assistance will be appreciated.
Crack in pool that needs to be repaired and would like a quotation regarding the matter

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