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Catering fridges sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the catering fridges sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

I'm looking for a 1 door upright display fridge for a salon and internet cafe.
Ice cream display fridge needed.
183cms x 60 x 60 white single door wine cooler with slide out trays.
I need to buy display fridge for the butchery.
I am looking for a second hand display under counter fridge.
Stainless steel wine chiller and beverage cooler with glass door.
We are in [redacted] in the Butchery industry and require assistance and cost on meat display fridges.
Looking for a cake display fridge.
I am looking for a manufacturer of pull down curtains for display fridges.
Front opening glass display for pies and cakes, like those used in the petrol station express stores.
Looking for a glass fronted under counter fridge with sliding doors.
Good Day. Looking for a 3 door (glass door )fridge with a spalshback and motor to be outside.
Please contact me.
Am looking for a second hand cake display fridge for a small coffee shop.
I want a display fridge for the butchery at least 2.4 metres I reside in [redacted].
Looking for a self services display fridges that is 1450mm wide, whereby people can help them self to get to either salads, sandwiches etc.
I own a shop and it is growing. I need to have a display fridge for dairy products like milk, juice, yogurts etc.

I want to open a bakery / coffee cafe / cake shop. I will need great display shelves for cakes, fridges, a stove, coffee machine. All 2nd hand or new.
I'm looking for a counter top fridge with the following specifications: Height 520mm, Width 400mm, Depth 425mm, Net Volume 30L. Please could you assist?
We make homemade ice cream and sell our ice cream at food markets. We are interested in a small display fridge for that purpose. Please advise.
Length +_ 90cm to 120cm. Curved glass display unit with 3 shelves.

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