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Aerial photography sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the aerial photography sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

Client is looking for ortho aerial photography of the [redacted] Diamond Mine in [redacted] - higher resolution than Google Earth. Are there images available?
Need quotation for aerial photograph of building.
I am looking into the feasibility of acquiring fairly recent (say last 2 years?) aerial/satellite photos of the [redacted] catchment area. Infra-red would be the first prize (to ID land-use types).
I need to know the cost of a GIS ready aerial photo of a 15 000ha conservancy
I am looking for a quotation as to how much a aerial photograph of our farm will cost?
What is an average cost for an Aerial photography for a farm
We need an aerial map of [redacted]. Our company name is [redacted], architects and urban designers.
Need aerial photographs of portion of [redacted]. Wish to digitise property boundaries for inclusion in a GIS referenced kml file.
I am looking for aerial photographs of the Area centred on the [redacted] + extending +- 800m all round. The imagery I am looking for comprises all aerial photography going as far back as the very first surveys - I believe done in the 1930s. CAN U HELP SOURCE?
I would like a quote on a single aerial photograph.
I am looking for a quote for aerial pictures of two building sites. They are each about 3-4 months from completion and I'd like quotes on monthly photos and completion shots.
My company needs aerial surveying done in [redacted].
We need our plant photographed from the the sky ( maybe 100 or 200 meters up. Also some video fly-by is possible. Costing please.
Interested in available imagery nationally.
We are working on road projects where we need aerial photography and mapping with contours. Urgently looking for prices.
I have a commercial property broker firm that needs aerial photos of specific areas.
I'm looking for someone to take aerial photographs of my business and for monthly progress photographs of a new building I'm putting up shortly.
Require quote on 476 sq km mining property aerial photography.
Need a quotation for a aerial photograph of the [redacted] Landfill Site.
I need 0.5 meter contours of a plot east of [redacted]. The size of the property is about 100ha. Can you help me?

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