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Electrical compliance certificate sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the electrical compliance certificate sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

We urgently need a coc certificate as our house has been sold.
We are a company and would like to have a quote for certificate of compliance as soon as possible.
Please assist me on the role of the technician working with issuing and receiving COC's.
Hi there, I need the following done before a COC can be issued:
I seem to have an earthing problem
My geyser is plugged in
I need new light fittings put in 2 bathrooms
I need an aircon connected properly (previous owner did a DIY with a hosepipe)
and I need plug covers on about 5 light switches.
Please can you quote me? I need someone to come out urgently
We are in the process of selling our house and require an Electrical Compliance Certificate to be carried out.
I would like to find out availability for [date redacted] and expected cost for a 70sqm property.
We are in the process of selling our house and require a compliance certificate. Could someone please come out to do a free quotation.
Please need certificate, got a quote and suspect that I am being taken for a ride by company. House is 7 years old, 3 pages list of defects. Please contact me!
We have sold our home, and need the electrical compliance certificate for the completion of sale.
I need a electrical certificate as I sold my house.
I have submitted a quote to the Dept of Education to install a motor for their swing gate at a school, they require that I give them a CIRA certificate, How do I go about acquiring this.
Need Compliance Certificate ASAP - Could you inspect tomorrow; and I get certificate on Wednesday?
We are buying an insolvent house and the bank needs an electrical compliance certificate, I need to know how much you charge.
I need an electrical wiring certificate as condition of my mortgage bond. The property is in [redacted].
I have been advised that a compliance certificate should be submitted together with plan approval drawings at the local municipality. Could you please help.
Require a gas certificate of Compliance to register with [redacted] gas.
We bought a house and cannot get a plumbing certificate from the previous owner. We just want to make sure everything is correct.
Hi, I am an estate agent who has recently sold a property in the [redacted] area. The seller, my client, has requested that I obtain quotes for the above-mentioned CCs. Please let me know if you are able to assist with this, as soon as possible. With thanks.
Hi there. We are in the process of putting in an offer to purchase a residence. The estate agent says that the plumbing cert is necessary by law. Could you clarify this and also advise on the procedure of the inspection? I am aware the owner needs to do this but if they don't how do i go about it?
I have a small property, 148sqm.
I am looking for affordable, qualified personal to administer the certifications required.
Please advise on options and costings.
One light fitting / switch to be fixed, and to issue an Electrical Certificate for sale of residential property.

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