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Hi. I need to get my x husband assets for undisclosed pension and claims that were fraudulent in my divorce !
My boyfriend moved out of his old place yesterday into a new home and he doesn't want to tell or show me where he's staying now l suspect its because he's cheating please help me l want to find out where he is staying now his new place
Hi there.
I would like to conduct a criminal background check- how much does it cost and how long does it take to get the results? What is the process
My husbands ex wife has sent me message that show her and my husband having sexual meetings and conversations. He denies that it is him and says that she saved his name under someone else's number. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and need to know what steps to take further. He acts all innocent and his ex does have a history of lying and making up stories.. so I don't know what to believe
Someone has been physically abusing me
Need to know your prices please.need to know if my husband is cheating or chatting via whatsapp with women
I would like to have a restraining order against my boyfriends ex girlfriend/ baby mother.
they have not been together for a very long time and she is with someone else but she does not like the fact that her ex boyfriend has moved on. So everytime she would see me then she would get violent and start attacking me for no reason. she done it 3times already and I want put an end to all this madness and my boyfriend supports my decision 100%.
I am being framed through a fake account of Whatsapp group where a false damning chart has been created and my picture and name used.

The Management decided to suspend me and I want to get to the bottom of this. I have leads and suspects
I need to find my ex which is the father of my month old baby for maintenance purposes.I only have his birth date and full names- area where he lives.I need an address. Can you help me?
HI- Our company has been the victim of fraud or more specifically our clients.

We would like to have all our employees polygraphed.

My husband sold his landrover discovery3 for scrap to a gentleman who has a dealership in[town redacted]. We have now discovered that the car was never scrapped and is still being driven in his name. All we have is the name of the car dealer. We need an address and ID number for the traffic department to do the necessary.
Looking for my sister she has been missing for almost a month. Busy with drugs.
I have been caught by a catfish scammer
Good day-

I need to find my daughter who disappeared from home on the 17th July 2016 without any notice knowing that she has to pay back the monies I sponsored her studies at [university]. She blocked off all communication channels. I need to know where she stays. Please help urgently.
Hi there

My daughters mother has a boyfriend for a but more then a month. The guy threatens me. I don't want my daughter growing up in the same house as the person he is appearing. I think he wil have a negative influence on my daughter. Just want to find out his much it will cost to investigate the guy?
Good day-

I am receiving harassing messages from my ex's girlfriend. I have advised that I have not provided her with my contact details and to refrain from messaging me.
I would like to get a restraining order so as to ensure she is not in my presence- at any functions and to ensure that she doesn't send any messages to me.
She is trying to force herself to my child's birthday this weekend and I cannot be in a position that will allow her to provoke me and an incident occurs.

Kindly assist me with this.
I have a previous tenant who I managed to get an eviction order for but now that I need to recover the arrear rental- I cannot trace the person so that a summons can be served. I would like a quote for tracing the person.
i need a restraining order against a neighbor.
I have recently gotten divorced and failed to realize my ex did not disclose all of her assets.
I have a person impersonating me to open accounts using a cloned id- payslip and a 3 months bank statement. How much would I have to pay to catch this fraudster?

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