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Coffee machine sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the coffee machine sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

I have a [redacted] coffee machine in my coffee shop in [redacted] and I would like the contact name and # of someone who can service it for me.
I am trying to locate a mother board for a [redacted] coffee machine Serial no - [redacted].
Require priceing on coffee machines for a [redacted] Dealership.
I need a [redacted] machine to be serviced for me.
I need a [redacted] coffee machine repaired - anyone in the [redacted]?
I'm looking for a pump for a coffe Machine. All it says on the side of the pump is
Model E Type EX 5
220V 50 Hz
2/1 min. CI.F 48 W
CS M6294
61140 29/03/05
Please quote me on a similar unit.
Please can you tell me how much a one copper espresso coffee pot costs, and if you buy 50 is there a discount?
Looking for a second hand reasonably priced coffee / cappucino machine for coffee shop in [redacted].
I run a spin club and we want to hire a coffee machine to sell coffee at a spin-through-the-night event.
Need a coin operated coffee vending machine for use in our tuck shop.
I would like to open a coffee shop and need coffee making equipment, therefore a coffee maker.
Looking for supplies for coffee shop, ie. coffee and coffee shop equipment.
I need a coffee machine that is easily operated, can make coffee, cafe late,hot chocolates etc. for my business. I am running a coffee shop.
Looking for a vacuum coffee pot 1.5L / 2L or even larger.
Looking for a coffee machine for a restaurant.
I am from a fabric house we would like to rent out a coffee machine for our boardroom.
Would like recommendations for a coffee machine to rent in [redacted] in a coffee shop.
I need some detail on coffee machines for my shop, not the home coffee machines, one bigger, where you can make hot choc as well.
We are looking for a office espresso machine with pump that can do cappuccino or coffee without having to wait to heat or cool down before switching from one to the other.
I am looking for a small vending type coffee machine for a office of 10-15 people. Wanting to buy the machine out right. Please mail me brochures and pricing asap.

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