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Bricks sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the bricks sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

I want to buy paving bricks at a reasonable price.
I'm looking for Acid Bricks. Please contact me should you have any please?
I am looking for a few thousand old clinker bricks for internal feature walls. I ideally want the overburnt bricks.

In need of approximately 5000 face bricks.
I am just looking for a cheap good quality clay brick for an exterior wall and it is to be delivered to [redacted].
Wouls like the best deal in Maxi-Bricks per thousand.
I'm doing a tender on a warehouse in [redacted]. I need a quote on clay stock bricks delivered to site. 260 000 required.
I need a quote for stock cement bricks. I'm actually looking for 24 pallets to be delivered to [redacted].
I need a price of 10000 maxi bricks including delivery to [redacted] and separably I need price for 120 bags cement same address. Where are you situated?.
Please provide a quote on 1000 paving bricks or concrete for a yard.
Need +/- 5000.00 stock bricks or the equivalent in block bricks.
I am looking for grey facebricks - we stay in [redacted].
Not sure how much but could be between 100 - 200 bricks.
I want to build a double wall at my braai area. The one side i want face brick and the back side a cheap brick. The size is 2.3 m high by 4.5 m wide. What price will the bricks be and to deliver if possible.
Looking to exend the house with one floor above. Need quote for bricks and don't want to spend too much.
I am looking for fire bricks to put inside a fire place. I do not want the big red ones but the smaller(thinner) sandstone ones. Where can I find these?
I need 55000 coral face bricks
I'm thinking of building a wood fired pizza oven and would like to get an idea of what I can expect to pay for fire bricks each and also price for red clay bricks for the same project as an alternative.
10 000m2 grey interlocking paving 80mm.
Paving for about 90 square meters.
Please can you send me a quote on 2500 mampara bricks, to be delivered to [redacted].

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