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Cherry picker hire sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the cherry picker hire sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

We would like to rent a Cherry Picker Diesel 14.5 (4394) Scissor Lift in [redacted] for +/- one month. Can you please quote me your rates.
May you kindly forward me a price list for hiring your machines. We looking at working at different heights and different terrain to install Safety Netting across the country, so we would need price list for different machines.
Need a quote for a cherry picker with a driver for the height 15meter to the ceiling.
looking for the closest place where I could hire cherry picker. Preferable in [redacted].
I need a cherry picker to put up bedowin tent. 1 day setup and then 1 day break down.
I am looking for a cherry picker to lift workers at 16 m. The site is close to [redacted] and I need the equipment from [dates redacted].
We will work for [redacted] (safety requirements are high).
I need a price on a cherry picker per day. Need it for CCTV installation.
I need to hire a cherry picker in [redacted] for a day.

Need for cabling warehouse - height about 8 m. Second job for height about 12-14m. Need somebody to contact us urgently.
Cherry picker to be used inside a building.
Tow-able cherry picker at least 10m height and the trailer mounted. Cherry picker must operate with Bi-energy (Engine and battery) so that it may operate indoors with zero emissions. The trailer mounted cherry picker must have a working height of at least 10 meters with a working outreach of 4/5 meters. The trailer mounted cherry picker must have lift capacity of at least 200kg.
We would like a quote on the cost of the hire of a cheery picker at a height of 6m inside a factory warehouse unit that is occupied at present. The site is at [redacted].
Please cantact urgently
I'm look for a cherry picker to hire, to wash our church double story windows.
I need a cherry picker for hire for 2 to 3 days that needs to be delivered to [redacted] area. It's for a warehouse where we are installing chicken mesh wire in gap areas to prevent birds from coming into warehouse.
I require a cherry picker to rise to a height of 16m.
I need to access a fascia of a building above a very busy delivery garage entrance and have access from the sides only, ladders are out of the question, the height approx 15m from the ground.
We are looking to hire cherry pickers for a few days in the [redacted] region. Please contact me at your soonest. Thanks and kind regards
Shopping around for the best deal on a cherry picker hire. Reach needs to be 60ft would like a price on hiring one for 6 Months from the [date redacted] the machine can weigh up to 2 tons. Quote on price per day as well.
Want to gain height to a 12m pole to align antenna's. Vehicle my be able to pass through a 1.2m doorway or extend over a 10m length garage.
We want to cut few trees in our park. Relative high and have to cut them in slices to bring down . This is urgent please. We would like to have on site on a Tuesday to give us 3 days to do the cutting. Weekends are our busy time.

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