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Waterproofing sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the waterproofing sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

I have a bedroom that has a serious damp problem. The wall of the bedroom has sand behind it like a basement would. The walls are turning color, bubbling and there is a white mould growing on the wall under the bubbles. Could you please tell me what the cost might be to repair this room and could you please tell me if you have a branch in [redacted] and if not could you please refer me to another damp proofing company who would do a professional job.
PLEASE this is absolutely urgent as I am asthmatic and need the room repaired as soon as possible.
I have an old house. There is rising damp on the walls in the passage. My grandchild wanted to sand the walls to paint and the plaster fell off. I do not have a lot of money. How can I fix the problem?
I need 2 of my showers in my apartment complex waterproofed.
I need damp repairs to be made: shower wall caused damp to rise (inside walls).
I have rising damp in my home in [redacted] which needs treating. I already have quotes from 5 other waterproofing companies. Prices range from [prices redacted] and I cannot understand why there is such a large difference. I need somebody who can explain exactly what needs to be done and can give me a guarantee of workmanship for 5 or 10 years.
We have two balconies that need to have the tiles lifted, waterproofed and new tiles to be laid.
I would like an assessment of my property on the rising damp.
I need my roof to be water proofed.
We need to damp proof our coastal house before repainting it.
I live in a sectional title unit in [redacted] with an expansion joint causing rain water to seep through and resultant wall dampening inside the garage. Kindly provide me a quotation for damp proofing, painting as well as covering an expansion joint if possible.

Please could you contact me with regards to quoting on waterproofing/renovating a shower.
Quote on ±14m x 7m concrete roof (actually a deck it gets walked on) and a small wall (±1.5m x 3m) which needs to be waterproofed. I think torch on stuff is necessary.
I would like a quote and advise on the best possible way to damp-proof my house. Both the interior and outside walls need to be damp-proofed.
My roof needs waterproofing.
Preferably the torch on bitumen type, but I'm open to suggestions.
I need a damp proofing certificate for my bond application. There is an old house and we are extending on it. I need a quotation please.
I need quotetations from 3 reputable contractors for waterproofing the showers in the ablution block of our warehouse.
I have a damp spot that is getting bigger just under my ceiling in my bedroom almost on the corner. I need someone who can stop it.
Damp leaving effervescence marks on bricks and causing bricks to crumble.
I have 2 underground rooms below house level that seem to have problems with water filling up during the rainy season. It seem to go through via the base (foundation).
IBR roof joint previously repaired but still leaking. Need quotes in [redacted].

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