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Packaging sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the packaging sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

We need a sturdy box to transport busbies (head gear for drum majorettes)
Outside colour: white, inside: cardboard colour is fine.
Width 30 cm x length 40 cm, height of box 1 meter.
Please advise cost of box, we will need less than 10.
Would like to buy boxes and bubble wrap for a move on the 30th of April.
Need 70 blank or printed pop corn boxes for an event.
Plesae can you send me a quote on both options, the printed one will have red, black and white on the logo.
Cost and size of standard boxes;
Cost and size of boxes used for packing books and cast iron pots, etc. Small boxes;
Cost and size of medium sized boxes;
Cost and size of big boxes used for packing linen, etc
Cost and size of moving boxes used for hanging clothes;
Cost and size of 1 x role bubble wrap.
I need boxes that are 40cm wide and 60cm long. Needed to pack stock for florist business.
I am looking for 10 boxes approximately 750 x 500 x 500mm.
I need a lot of black cosmetic size boxes to put whiskey size glass in each one.
Need cardboard inner as well as cardboard support for collar for packaging of shirts.
Shirts to be folded around a piece of cardboard.
Collar of shirt must be supported by a cardboard or something similar.
I require a quotation for boxes which we will be able to pack 100 units of packaged fresh herb plactic packets (size 95mm.* 155mm.)- preferably open boxes.
I am looking for boxes that are 30mm x 30mm x 30mm. They will be used to put chocolate truffles inside them. Please advise asap if you have these. They should not be made of cardboard.
I am looking for a food packaging supplier.
I am looking for cardboard fold up boxes with lids to store documents size 32 cm by 42 cm.
We are a corporate outfit and coming closer to a conference where we need to incorporate 1700 small shoe boxes for promotional purposes for our stand at a wealth conference in the coming month. What is the size of your shoe boxes. Can you also please send through photos of these boxes?
Please indicate if you are also able to print on the box in spot colours and if so how does this affect the price per unit.
I just need a boxes to fit the following
- small microwave
- home theatre dvd
- washing machine (8.2kg)
I need to pack up a 3 bedroom home and will need boxes and bubble wrap and tape.
I would prefer plastic containers.
I need moving boxes. A competitor supplies a moving kit including 15 boxes and some other materials such as tape and stickers and bubblewrap etc for R620. Can you beat that?
Need heavy duty boxes for moving.
We need colour boxes which can take about 100 A4 files, be able to stand on top each other and have the front of the box open. They can be supported by plastic frames on the side as we need them to run from the ground to the ceiling level and they will be carrying police dockets.
I am looking for 60 boxes that can fit 2 x CD's in for gifts.
I need a price on 100 gift boxes.
It needs to fit a cake server which is 25cm (L) and 5cm(H). So maybe it needs to be one or two cm's bigger than the server.

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