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LED billboard sales leads.

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hi- i'm looking for advertising LED Display screens 17-19 inches to be mounted- ceiling top- in buses. if available- could you please provide a quotation for 20units.

Thank you
Looking for pricing on an outdoor LED screen aprox 1000mm by 800mm with programming hardware etc. for a sign we are making- we will be reselling.
I am looking for 2 screens for my video conferencing room. The requirement is 90” screens- smallest I can go is 80”. These screens will be used to connect to video conferences all over the world. Could you please supply some options that you have available- and please provide pricing on these as well.
Need assistance with a LED screen for a client
Outdoor stage LED screens
I need a quote for LED outdoor signage for a store
Hi Im from an advertising company called [redacted]. Our aim is to have a set of screens in a display area to form one seamless 3m x 6m advertising panel. If you could get back to us with various solutions for our needs we would really appreciate it.
We are looking for 2 LED display screen to run advertising of various products and services..We intend to use it indoors in the lobby
Kindly give us options for industrial LED screens ranging from 42 inch- we want both indoor and outdoor options.
These will be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising at various places

Kindly come back to us for further information
Information board needed for small estate.
I'm have started a small advertising agency that specialises with LED SCREENS AS platform to advertise clients products and services. I therefore need to buy more screens to place in different places.
LED screens for outdoor advertising- inclusive of software- structure and installation costs
We have a gated community and looking for an outside diplay at the boom gate that we can use to broadcast messages to the community. I need info on what i may require and prices. thanks.
Looking for TWO 1.5m X 1m
And ONE 1m X 1m
Outdoor LED screens to be viewed from anything between 2-10 meters away.

Would like to know what the price would be per screen.

I am looking for an LED screen 2m X 2m and 3m X 3m.
We sometimes have big church service in a hall and I see that the big screen can make a difference.I need a price for those please...I do sound for church and I m thinking of buying myself a big screen
Please I'm looking for a indoor advertisng screen..ideal for small business. Can I have the price. please email me the qoutation
Well would like to find out more about- Outdoor advertising LED screens- and the cost involve in putting one up.
Can you please quote me on a 4m x 6m double outdoor display. The display facing east and west. (direct sunlight)
Hi - I am in search of a quote for a 6x3m LED Indoor Screen for a product launch event.

Thank you
Good afternoon-

I urgently require a quote on the following:

4 x 43” Commercial Display Screens (Must have a USB Port)


4 x 46” Commercial Display Screens (Must have a USB Port)


4 x 49” Commercial Display Screens (Must have a USB Port)

Which will be used within a restaurant as the Menu Displays.

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