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Biodegradable packaging sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the biodegradable packaging sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

Looking for a quote on biodegradable bin bags, large. Price per 100/1000/10 000, however they come. Do you offer them in different colours?
We need 200ml containers for a cosmetic cream. Can you make them or supply a manufacturer who would agree to use your bio-plastic in a chosen mould for our product?
We are looking for plastic biodegradable or oxo degradable pellets to be supplied to our manufacturer in [redacted].
Looking for new innovative materials for eco friendly packaging design.
We're looking for biodegradable food packaging options.
Sandwich wedges, salad containers, take away boxes, ripple coffee cups etc.
I'm looking for biodegradable bags with holes for firewood bundles would you be able to help me or be able to put me in contact with someone who can help me please?
I'm looking for eco friendly package for single bottles of wine for international transport.
My client is looking for 10 000 biodegradable bags. Please confirm if you carry stock or do you make to order and what is the price please.
I run a Funeral Home in [redacted] and have recently introduced Green Funerals to the [redacted] Market. Please advise if you can supply me with Biodegradable coffin linings (plastic) as well as a price list. I need this information as a matter of urgency, as I am exhibiting at the [redacted] Expo next week.
Your assistance will be appreciated.
I am looking for a eco friendly container for spring water that I intend to bottle.
Please help.
Im would like to find out if u do stock disposable sporks. If u do the quantity it comes in and availability. Thanks
I'm looking for biodegradable packaging for peanuts (for shipping products). Can you please assist me?
Please supply me a full range of products & prices that you carry. I have a small packaging distribution company & am looking to expand my range.
I am looking for alternative packaging for my product. We currently pack our pesto's and chutneys in glass. Some of the products need refrigeration, some freezing. Can you recommend any alternatives.
Hi, I'm looking for a greener alternative to polystyrene that can be custom shaped/moulded to fit my products (ceramic) packaging needs.
Looking for various items including:
250ml poly cup and lids
250, 350 , 500 ml tubs and lid
plastic cutlery
foam trays various sizes
plastic bags ie. carrier and flat bags
We are looking a 500ml paper bowl with wide mouth that can be branded. (need to hold a frozen ice cream type product.
I am in the process of setting up a business based at the [redacted] Market selling salads, smoothies, hot teas and vegetarian burgers - so I am looking packaging for all these items.
I'm opening an ice cream business later this year and I am looking for:
150ml container with lid
500ml round container with lid
2 litre container with lid
All for ice cream, and I need products which are either biodegradable, made from renewable resources, and/or recyclable.
I live in [redacted] and am looking for compost-able sealing film to use for packaging my hand made soaps.
Any further assistance you can give me with regard to the packaging will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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