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Envelope sales leads.

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Please can you give me a quote on 10000 colour envelopes.
Need black envelopes, size 150 x 150. Need 100, prices please.
Looking for a small envelope - 8.5cm x 8.5cm +-
Looking for 200 dl silver or purple envelopes & 200 silver A6 envelopes.
Looking for square envelopes (155mm x 155mm) in curios metal white gold....
Need 120 cream A4 envelopes by next week.
Hi, I am looking for C5 sized envelopes (229x162mm), minimum weight of 90g/m2, Valet White. should have wallet type special window (85x25mm)- Glassine.
It should also be able to accommodate at least 2 inserts.
Can you please quote me on a batch of a 1000. And will you be able to deliver a batch of 300 000 per week?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Square, silver envelopes, I am looking for 85.
I need 30 envelopes slightly bigger than A5 and they have to be silver.
Please help!
I am looking for A6 charcoal or cream / beige envelopes (round 200). What is your minimum quantity?
Hi there, I'm looking for plastic envelopes to put our wedding invite into.
I am designing wedding stationery for one of my clients and I am looking for a fancy square envelope - size 10cm x 10cm - in a dusty soft pink - qnty 120
Is this something you could help me with?
Good day
I am looking for plum coloured envelopes to fit 108 (h) x 152.4 (l) x 0.406 (w) sized cards.
Needing about 50 units.
Please can you advise on price?
Should the price be accepted, would it be possible to see a sample?
I need a quote for square envelopes size of: 90x90mm. White and other colours, about 100+.
I need a quote on envelopes x 220 for wedding Invites. Must be a Bright White classic look & feel.
I am looking for 300 envelopes, printed with a logo, that we can use for gift packing a pen.
Good day,
Can you please quote me on the following:
DL size envelopes, colour: black, dark blue, royal blue. Qty: 200, 500, 2000
I need about 200 dark grey square envelopes. Either plain or if you have to print we will add a logo
Need to find out price please. Size: 210 x 210 or slightly bigger.
I have a client who is looking for an envelope that will fit a 160mm x 160mm invitation - do you have anything this size?
If we have 40 made up in the shimmer (She would like the silver or a shimmer white) how long will it take? Or do you have any shimmer in stock?
Hi. Please quote me per envelope for laser printing a name and surname as well as some addresses on 60 envelopes.

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