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Heat pump sales leads.

Below is a small sample of the heat pump sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

Want to install a heatpump in place of the geyser. Guess geyser is between 150-250.
New cottage being built. Require small economical integrated heatpump & storage unit (100/150l) with backup electrical heating element.
I need a quotation for a 30kw air cooled heat pump type water heater. Constant water supply temp 60 degrees, minimum ambient temp 2 degrees.
Need a heat pump for my Jacuzzi.
Looking for a swimming pool heat pump eco/energy friendly. Pool size 3m X 7 m
Deep 1.6m Indoor pool.
Interested in both water heating and central heating.
Presently have a gas boiler for a restaurant kitchen, could a heat pump be more economical?
Would you be so kind to give me a quote on a heatpump and installation,my existing geyser is 150L
Interested in fitting a heat pump to a 300l solar system.
Want to do comparison between Heat Pumps and Solar Geysers, How they work? Costs etc. Which would be best application for my various projects.
I have an existing inside cylinder and a solar sysem on the roof with and additional cylinder. I have had repeated thefts of copper pipes and damage to my roof ,flooding of my home as a result. I'm searching for an alternative which will not have so much visible copper pipes. The insurance is prepared to replace the cylinder and the resultant repairs. Will the heat pump be a cheaper option & less prone to theft? Can I l keep the inside 1 for usage should the heat pump fail as I am doing whilst making a decision about replacing the solar system.
We are looking to replace our 2000 liter (42W) boiler with a heat pump. We require 900l - 1,000l of hot water per hour.
Please quote us a supplied price only as we will have it installed ourselves.
Looking for a Samsung 300L heat pump.
Please send me prices on installed heat pumps in the [redacted] area.
I am looking at alternative methods to heat up our factory tanks using solar and heat pumps. Temp required 50 to 100 deg C.
As well as a domestic heat pump and split solar system.
Looking for swimming pool heat pump. Pool is indoors and app 18000 liters and looking to heat up to 34 deg.
I need to replace a 150l geyser with a heat pump at my house in [redacted]. I need a quote.
Looking to install heat pump at a 26 unit hotel. Have existing Electric & Parafine sytem
Please give me a quote for x3 heat pumps only. I have someone that will do the installation for me. Also please indicate if you do deliveries and what the cost would be to [redacted].
I'm looking for an integrated heat pump system for installation this week.
Please mail me the options you have and pricing (with and without installation) plus any features (such as integrated air cooling system etc).

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