Get an unfair advantage.

We've invested tens of thousands of hours in making MarketingMotor the best system we can for turning people who are searching Google for what you sell into your loyal customers. Here are some of the things that make up this system.

Bullet-proof lead generation site hosting. Your lead generation website is hosted with one of the most reliable website hosting services in the world. We’ve used them since 2008. They’ve got a fantastic track record and live human support available 24/7. It is expensive but we didn’t want to skimp and risk your site going down.

Fast loading website. Quick websites turn more visitors into sales leads so we obsess over loading speed. Your lead generation website is already blindingly fast. We’re working on shaving another few hundred milliseconds off the pace.

Website optimised for conversion. Your lead generation website is the result of thousands of hours of testing and development. These sites turn the visitors you pay Google for into leads at a much higher rate than most websites. That means lower cost per lead and more leads for your budget.

Responsive website. Your lead generation site looks good and works well on every size screen: computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Compliance with Google’s current requirements. The MarketingMotor lead generation site is compliant with Google’s current requirements for using AdWords. This means you’re not going to have your account suspended for a policy violation relating to the content or structure of the site.

Updates to stay compliant with Google’s requirements. Google changes their advertising policies and website requirements periodically. When they do this we change all the sites in MarketingMotor to comply. Most of the time you won’t even notice that we’ve made a change.

Compare that with what you’d have to go through if you were doing this on your own.

  1. You’d have to read and understand Google’s new requirements.
  2. You’d have to find the website developer you used to set up your site (if you were still on speaking terms).
  3. You’d have to brief them and make sure that they understood what Google wanted.
  4. They might have the files to update the original website, otherwise it’s start from scratch with a brand new site.
  5. They’d have to squeeze your updates in. Busy website developers hate small updates.
  6. They might get the work right, or you might have to go backwards and forwards till Google was happy with it. All the time you’re losing sales because you can’t advertise.
  7. You’d have to pay for the work. That alone could easily be more than your MarketingMotor membership for a year.

Two-part enquiry form. It's long been known that the more questions you ask on a website enquiry form the fewer people will complete it.

We pioneered the two-part form to solve this problem. The form on the landing page is short and easy to complete. If you need more information we’ll show the visitor a second form after the first one has been completed.

You’ll get the information you need to respond properly without reducing the number of enquiries.

Domain name renewal. We’ll get a great domain name for your lead generation site. We'll take care of the annual renewal process.

Uptime monitoring. We check every page of every MarketingMotor member’s sites 3 times a day, 365 days a year. In addition to this, all sites are monitored via Google’s Webmaster Tools. There is no chance that something will go wrong and we not know about it.

Belts and braces backup. We’re paranoid about keeping your data safe. We back up the words and pictures that make your website, the keywords ad groups and adverts that make up your campaign, your leads, the lead routing rules and everything else that goes into making your MarketingMotor lead generation engine.

We keep a live copy of our database on our hosting company's server in Texas. We keep a backup copy of the database on a separate system in the same datacentre. We keep another backup copy on Amazon's servers at the other end of America just in case.

Overkill? Perhaps, did I mention that we’re paranoid about keeping your data safe?

Form spam prevention. We defend our member’s sites against a quarter of a million form spam attacks a month. Our system protects against automated bots and malicious human spammers without making your future clients solve jumbled up words or distorted pictures just to fill in a form.

Lead delivery to multiple email addresses. We'll send your leads and lead report to as many email addresses as you need. This is useful if you’ve got a staff member handing first response or a sales team that needs to get the leads directly.

Click to call. Each lead delivery email comes with a click-to-call button if the lead has provided a phone number. Click the button to start a call from a mobile phone or via Skype on your desktop computer.

Lead context. Each lead arrives by email with contact information, enquiry detail, answers to any extra questions you asked, the advert they clicked and the webpage they sent the enquiry from. This gives you the context you need to make the first response phone call.

Reject button for unsuitable leads. Two quick clicks to send a quick polite email to people you can't help. This gets them off your desk right away and lets you focus on the people you can help.

Autoresponder email. You can send a customised email to everyone who fills in the enquiry form. Use this to confirm that you’ve got their enquiry and prepare them for your phone call.

We’re your liaison with Google. Google will send you lots of email. Forward it to us and forget about it. We’ll liaise with Google on your behalf. Most of the time you won't even know we've dealt with them.

Specialists skills. We're not a jack-of-all-trades kind of business. We won’t offer to build you a website or design your business cards or update your blog. This is all we do. You’re get the economies of scale. You tap into tens of thousands of hours of deep meaningful experience in this field.

A small business focussed owner. MarketingMotor was started by two seasoned small business owners. I've faced month ends where I've not known how I'm going to pay the staff. I've had days when I've felt sick with worry because there was no new business on the horizon.

It is true that we speak fluent Google - impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC etc but we also speak business. I know how important leads and sales are. MarketingMotor is the system I would have killed for when I was running my offline businesses.

Fast support. Every support email comes directly into my inbox. You will never have to deal with a call centre or someone who can’t solve the problem.

Performance benchmarks. We only build and manage one type of campaign. We have the performance data from generating almost a million leads. That gives us a solid benchmark to measure your campaign against. It’s far easier to spot when something isn’t working as well as it should.

If you managed your own campaign you’d only have it's past performance as a guide. That makes it very hard to spot problems before they turn into disasters. If you hired a general advertising agency to look after it for you they’d be in a similar position.

Useful reporting. We won't fill your inbox with meaningless reports. You haven't got time to read them and we don't think you should be paying us to produce them. Instead we'll send you a list of leads once a week. There is no better way to judge if your advertising is working than by looking at the enquiries it brought in.

Activate and pause your campaign. Email us if you need a long weekend or holiday off. We’ll pause your ads so you don’t waste money generating leads you can’t respond to quickly.

Exclusivity. We will not take on a client who advertises the same things that you do in your area while you are our client. Yes, this means that we turn down business, but that's the right thing to do.

Lead automation. We use web hooks to automatically send your leads to other programs. You can parse the webhook yourself or use Zapier to connect to thousands of different services without having to know how to code.

Our clients use this to put leads directly into CRM systems, enrol them for sales webinars, put their leads into spreadsheets to track the performance and add them to email marketing systems like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

Robust email lead delivery. We use Mailgun, one of the top rated email delivery services, to ensure that your leads don’t slip through the cracks.

Backup lead delivery by SMS text message. We’ll send your leads to as many mobile phone numbers as you like to ensure that you get them even when you’re out of office.

Future improvements. We respond to changes in Google's requirements, to the AdWords system, to the way people use the internet to find suppliers, to the habits people have on the internet and to the changes in technology etc to keep your site and campaign giving you the best possible results from AdWords.

We've had 5 major releases and hundreds of smaller ones since we started in 2011. Each of these improvements is included in the cost of your membership.

Sales training. We want you to sell more. All MarketingMotor members receive the perpetual sales mastery course. This short course focuses on:

  1. The biggest sales mistake almost every small business makes.
  2. And the biggest marketing mistake.

In other words, low hanging fruit that any small business owner can change in a heartbeat. The ideas and skills you learn in this course will improve your sales from all your marketing efforts, not just from MarketingMotor.

Think this might be for you? Let's chat.

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